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Police Brutality in Schools

A cop’s duty is to answer calls for help, to arrest people committing crimes. A cop’s duty is to make people feel safer in their neighborhoods. A cop’s duty is to enforce the laws and to help those who need it. Nonetheless, police officers often abandon these duties and hurt the people instead.

In Spring Valley High School, Deputy Ben Fields was recorded violently removing a student from her desk, and slamming her to the ground after she refused to leave her classroom. The video went viral and led to both the suspension of the deputy (who was later fired) and the arrest of the student who remained unnamed. She was charged with disturbing schools.

In Kissimmee, Florida, school resource officer Mario Badia was caught on video attacking a 13-year-old student in front of his mother. The mother and son were reportedly arguing when Officer Badia escalated the situation. The video showed the boy writhing in agony as Officer Badia held him in a wristlock and slammed him onto the ground.

The school resource officer continued to assault the student in his school lobby as bystanders watched; the only person who tried to help was the boy’s mother. The teen sustained multiple injuries, including a sprained ankle and wrist. The officer was charged with felony child abuse for his unjust aggressive takedown.

Other officers have manhandled students, including Oklahoma City Master Sgt. Thomas Jaha who was charged with assault and battery after punching a student in the face for not having a hall pass. Louisville Metro Police Officer Jonathan Hardin was also caught on video committing violent assaults on two students for punching one student in the face with a closed fist for cutting in line and putting another 13-year-old student in a choke-hold, which caused severe brain injury and could have resulted in the child’s death.

Each one of these stories is from a different place in the U.S., and yet they all have the same problem: police officers on campus wrongfully attacking students. All these incidents make one wonder, are cops on campus a good idea? Are cops on campus making the environment safer, or do they pose a threat to one’s safety instead?

These tragic incidents prove cops will only complicate school matters more. If an officer is slamming children and teens onto the floor, and choking them until they lose consciousness,, how could someone trust that officer? One begins to worry for their safety, and the safety of others when police officers are assaulting and arresting children instead of actual criminals.

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